BEHIND THE SCENES OF [ TACT : Collection M O N O ] 's photoshoot

So.. you think a photoshoot is all glamourous, outfits after another and just a matter of 1-2 hours?

Now let me show you around for behind the scenes of our photoshoot for our recent collection that just launched yesterday, piping hot and fresh! ;)

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to head to Honeyz Paint House for our very first studio photoshoot!

Located at Primz BizHub at 21 Woodlands Close, Honeyz Paint House is the brainchild of the peeps who brought you Honeyzcube!

With a huge space to explore, white walls, ceilings, curtains and full length windows all around to ensure the best natural lighting for photoshoot, this place is simply paradise for anyone, everyone!

Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O
Escada Lace Top $26
Chaos Flare Pants $32

 Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O : 
Gradual Fringe Top $25
Asylum Slit Skirt Sold out

Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O : 
Flare Flair Blouse $28
Riot Asymmetrical Fit & Flare Skirt $32

Be it photoshooting for a blogshop's new collection, a family photoshoot or simply a photoshoot with your bestie, this place should be your first choice because honestly, they have so so much to offer!

From cute donut floats, to colourful beach balls, to a Cinderella garden inspired swing area, donut cushions, beautiful tea sets and a princess couch; these are just props/spaces for the photoshoot!

They even have spaces for anyone who is keen in organising workshops, presentations, launch parties, get togethers and casual functions!

Really! Check out the following photos taken at Honeyz Paint House!

Of course, they have a space for studio shoots too!
With a variety of different background/colours to choose from and a professional in-house camera man there to help you, you can be assured that you are ALWAYS in good hands and you will have gorgeous and professional looking shots!

Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O : 
Deviation Slit Tube Top $28
Wellington Straight Cut Culotte Pants $39

 Here's sweet and pretty #GirlBoss Juliana helping us with our Behind-the-scenes shot! 3>

 Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O : 

Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O : 

 Hahaha "werking it"....

We really love the lighting for our studio shoot at Honeyz Paint House!

Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O : 

Outfit from TACT - Collection M O N O : 
Asylum Slit Skirt Sold out

And now!
On to the fun part of the shoot!

Using the very cute props by Honeyz Paint House for our photoshoot!

 It was a truly tiring yet fruitful and fun day!
Photoshooting fun was made possible, all thanks to the team behind Honeyz Paint House (:

So if you are thinking of where next for your upcoming party/function/workshop/photoshoots, why not give Honeyz Paint House a chance to prove to you that there CAN be fun whilst at work?

Quote my name 'AGGYLOW' for 10% off any Honeyz Paint House rental, photography and videography services!

Check out their full list of services here: 

Also, if you fancy any of the party props or pillows featured in the photos above, you'll be happy to know that they are now available on Honeyz Paint House's online store at

Thank you so so much for having us, Honeyz Paint House! :D

Honeyz Paint House - The Lifestyle Academy 
Address : 21 Woodlands Close





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