Debut Collection : Raw - Behind-the-scenes

Hey all;
Welcome to our store, and thank you for taking your time to view our very first launch/collection.
As we are relatively new, we really appreciate all feedback/comments if you might have any for future improvements.
Our items are of distinctive quality and we only bring in a few pieces per design for quality control purposes so you can be assured that whatever you buy here will be worth every single cent you pay for!
For this first collection, do check out with code "FREEGIFT" when you make a purchase at our store as
we are currently having a promotion whereby you will be entitled to a free gift upon any purchase!
Enjoy viewing and shopping, we shall see you over at our next collection! 
Some behind-the-scenes shots...
When taking the photoshoot for this debut collection, Cookie decided to chip in and have some fun!
But Agnes don't seem too please as he was scratching himself instead of posing.... oops!
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